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View Comments Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 - Website

Fiber cable coming to East Africa

The lack of reliable Internet has always been a nuisance and complication meet by many businesses and organizations in Africa. Just as an ordinary infrastructure the online infrastructure is invaluable for a country trying to progress with modern communications.

For that reason we are excited that SEACOM recently announced that the 17,000-kilometer (10,625-mile) fiber cable for east Africa is now open for business. This will allow local ISPS here in Uganda to provide faster and more stable connections to private consumers and businesses.

As we here at the school are in the midst of finding our online identity we are very excited about this development. We feel like we are part of a revolution. We love to hear what you think this change will bring to Africa – when do you think the ordinary African citizen will see the fruits of this effort?

  • cssprodigy

    This is great! It might be a while before stable internet, let alone high speed internet via fiber, will be available to the ordinary African citizen, but I do hope that it’s sooner rather than later.

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