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View Comments Sunday, July 5th, 2009 - Website

A school / orphanage with a website?

Many visitors might wonder why we have got a website. Is it really necessary for a school like ours to have an online presence? Perhaps it isn’t but we suspect it will help us a great deal. So lets take a look at the factors that led us to start a website.

First of all it is a mater of convenience. Our recourses are very limited and for that reason we need to spend our time wisely. Over the years we have found ourselves spending a lot of time fundraising and relaying information about the school to people interested in our effort. We are so happy for this great interest, but at the same time it taps into our resources. This is where the website comes into play.

We hope that the website will help us streamline the information flow from the school to our donators and everyone else with an interest in the school. Ultimately this will free up resources for other tasks at the school. We hope you all approve of this decision.

Who paid for all this?

It is important to point out that none of the schools funds have been or will be used for running the website or any of our online efforts. All of this have been developed and donated to us by Thomas Fals and together with Lise Andersen he will take care of the maintenance.

We have made sure you can stay up to date with news from the school in several ways. We now have a twitterfeed, facebook page, rss-feed and a newsletter. Please sign up or follow us. Spread the word:)

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