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View Comments Monday, September 21st, 2009 - News | Status

Riots in Kampala

Dear All,

Allow me to take this opportunity to inform you about the situation at the school, and what we have gone through the last three days here in Kampala and the suburbs. Some of you have seen the news about the situation in central Uganda on BBC or CCN and others may not have.

Well, it started as a small thing but ended up in chaos, which has left 14 people dead and more than a hundred in hospitals. The whole issue was that our King, the King of Buganda was not allowed to visit his people in Bugerere to celebrate with them the youth day. The whole issue again is a political issue, which I will not go deep in, in this mail but I guess most of you know a bit about the Ugandan politics.

These riots have affected our school as well, as two people were killed at Nalukolong, a small shopping center after you turn off to our school. A bus was also stopped there and burnt, and a police station in our area of Natete was also burnt down. It was very bad. Police were shooting everywhere in an attempt to keep people away and we were very worried for the children who were attending secondary school in the city but thanks God they all came back home safely.

I should inform you that thugs took advantage of the happenings and entered the office and stole the safe with some money as well as two computers; one of them a new one which had been bought by Rubaga Friends to replace the one which broke down. They took some books, blankets, which belong to the children and other items. Nobody was injured but most children and staff members were shocked so counseling was provided by some of the teachers.

Well, Rubaga community lives on, there are always good times and bad times as part of life. We are not resuming classes next week as planned until we are sure that the situation in Kampala is under control.

On behalf of Rubaga Community School I would like to thank you once more for all the help towards Rubaga Community School.

I should also inform you that I finished my studies at the university in May, I am waiting for graduation. At the moment I am assisting in the office at school I have been teaching computer during my studies.

Thanks for all the assistance towards the school, you have made us what we are today.

Regards Wamala

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