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View Comments Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 - News

In Memory of Kate Namalwa


At 5am 11th October we sadly lost a dear friend of ours due to illness. Kate Namalwa had worked at Rubaga Community School as an assistant matron and as a cook since 2000(X). As an assistant matron, she took care of the orphans at the school and they naturally saw her as their mother because they were so attached to her. The loss for them, and her 2 children she left behind, is tremendous, but together we will get through it.

Kate Namalwa has lived at the school the past four years since she divorced her husband. She leaves 2 daughters behind aged 15 and 9 who attend the school.

Kate contributed with a lot to the school. She used to go to the market to buy food, washed the clothes for the young ones and basically taught the orphans the daily housework one would be taught at home. She was a very good worker, colleague, friend and mother and she will always be remembered for that.

Kate Namalwa will be dearly, dearly missed by us all. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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