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Who is Behind the School?
A small local staff runs the school which is funded by donations and the little school fees that is paid by some students. We gain great support from organizations like Rubaga Friends and International Child Welfare Service.

How Do I Donate?
There are several means of donating. You can either donate directly to the school through PayPal or to one of our sponsoring organizations, which are Rubaga Friends or International Child Welfare Service.

If you have any other donations such as books, stationery, clothes or anything else that you wish to donate to the school, please contact the following organizations according to your location:

The United States
Rubaga Friends

International Child Welfare Service

Rubaga Community School

Which Type of Donations Do You Need?
Most types of donations are warmly welcome. We can use anything that can help our students and ultimately the school to succeed.

We can always use money donations, as we have to buy food on a daily basis and also medication and clothes.

We would like to be able to upgrade the salary of our employees, or at least be able to give them a bonus, for the good and hard work they do every day.

Books, stationery, musical instruments, chairs, desks anything in relation with a classroom or school.

It is also possible to donate an activity/experience or entertainment.

Can I Sponsor a Child?
Yes you can. For $20 a month you can sponsor a day scholarship, and for $35 a month you can sponsor a full boarding scholarship. International Child Welfare Service handles all sponsorships. Please contact Anette Stryhn at for more information.

Can I Do Volunteer Work at the School?
From time to time we take in volunteers at the school. Most common is a 3-6 month stay for students finishing their teaching education, or anyone else who can contribute with their knowledge or expertise that the pupils will benefit off. The typical profile of a candidate is a person capable of independent thinking, and a will to adapt to foreign culture. Working at the school cannot be considered a vacation, and applicants must be mature and able to perform as part of a team. Volunteers are able to rent a 2-bedroom house near the school.

Can I Visit the School?
The school is not a tourist attraction but visitors are warmly welcome. Please contact the school ahead of time.

How many Pupils Do You Have?
We have about 280 pupils at Rubaga Community School.

Why Did You Spend Money on a Website?
We did not spend any money on the website as it was donated to us. The website is run by volunteers, and as such, we have no expenses related to the website.