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View Comments Friday, February 5th, 2010 - Donation | Education | News

Tucson group helps Uganda students

The future of hundreds of African children could soon be bit brighter thanks to some generous Tucson residents.

A group called Rubaga Friends has been raising money for the past few years to help kids in Kampala, Uganda with the ultimate goal being a new kindergarten; a goal they have almost reached.

For some it was a trip to Uganda that got them involved, but for others, all it took was a brochure full of pictures.

Ardis Grob is one of the Rubaga Friends Board Members. While looking through the brochure she said, “Just look at all those happy faces.” She said that’s what got her hooked.

At the current school, 280 kids have to cram in everyday. Board Member David Flieger said, “All the kids come out there at recess and pack into a 35 by 50 ft space and that’s where all recreation has to take place so it’s a really bad situation.”

But the group said it’s much more than just an inconvenience. Board Member Jorgen Mortensen said, “The ministry has demanded it with a threat of closing the whole school down.”

Something the group said would be a disaster. Flieger said, “They have to be in school. Either that or they have no life. Of course education is everything in terms of future prospects for improvement of the country and the individuals.”

Because of the hard work by this group and one major donation, the school will soon be a reality, but this group said its work is far from over.

That continued work will help give African children a chance to begin or continue their schooling in a positive environment; something as Americans we often take for granted.


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